District Coordination Officer Imtiaz Niazi and DPO Ameer Taimur visited a bazaar in Malikwal and checked the prices and other administrative arrangements including cleanliness. The DCO held a meeting with commission agents and office-bearers of trade unions. During the meeting, it was revealed that commission agents receive commission from farmers and purchasers both at higher rate than the fixed one. One of the vegetables seller said charging extra commission from both the parties at the time of auction leads to increase in prices. DCO directed secretary market committee to ensure commission agents receive commission only from farmers on the fixed rate that is 2.5 to 3.5%.

Overcharging of commission must be reported to police for registering of cases. He said time was ripe to eliminate the role of middle men so that shopkeepers could purchase agriculture produce from the farmers directly. The move would result in sufficient decrease in prices, he said.