In the name of Allah, the most merciful and the beneficial. Rabi ul Awwal is one of the very important Islamic months. Its significance is marked by the birth of our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammed (PBUH). The divine day, which is the 12th of Rabi ul Awwal, was the date on which Allah bestowed His greatest bounty upon the universe, so that all of humanity can benefit and learn from him the way Allah prefers humans to spend their lives on earth.

Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), a name, a stature, a character so inspiring and divine that no words can articulate his vitality. A human being so perfect, that even books written in his praise have fallen short in an attempt to express his beautiful persona. 

He is the final prophet of Allah and is the chosen one to introduce Allah and His perfect Din, which is Islam. Prophet Muhammed is the light that mankind was waiting for in an era of darkness. At a time of complete chaos, polytheism, corruption, misogyny and subjugation in the reign of rich and the powerful, he came and spread the message of Islam. The message highlights the truth, that there is only one Allah, men and women are equal in rights, rich and poor are equal, there is no difference between any race, color or demographic of humans, but the only thing that differentiates them are their deeds.

Prophet Muhammed led an exemplary life. He never harmed anyone, he never lied, and stayed away from all the ill doings that Muslims today have drowned themselves into.  The Prophet said that “removing a stone from any path is charity”, so that no other human being is hurt in any way. But on his birthday Muslims in our country block roads, dance, play music on loud speakers, sing praises of Muhammed with Indian songs playing in the background and are involved with many other misdeeds. Blocking roads and loud noises can cause disruption in the life of others. For instance, a sick person in the vicinity can suffer because of loud noises at night, or someone who needs to get to a hospital in aid of someone may not be able to. I am certain that Prophet Muhammed would not approve of such behavior.

Some in our Muslim community claim they are 'Aashiq-e-Rasool' (Lovers of the prophet), but they do not even follow the most basic of his teachings. For example, fibbing is an illicit act that each and every Pakistani every now and then is involved in. You reach the office late; you lie about it, parents tell their children to lie about them not being home, or people making up stuff and spread false rumours against each other. These acts are destroying the true spirit of Islam. If only Muslims stopped lying, everything would come into place, people would be honest, nicer, helpful, grateful to each other and thankful to Allah, and Pakistan would turn into a prosperous nation. But no, us Pakistanis would do everything but follow the teachings of our Prophet Muhammed.

I am not against celebrating the birth of the divine and the Holy Prophet, but it should be done within limits and without harming or being the cause of disturbance to others. All gatherings should be conducted within the premises of one’s house; loud speakers and music should not be used. Say your prayers on time, say Darood Ibrahim, be nice and kind to everyone around you and promise yourself to analyze, remove ill habits from one’s character and become pious and honest towards everyone, including animals and not just human beings. 

In short, always remember that Allah is watching over each and every one of us and if we are doing something against Islam or crossing boundaries, all deeds are being monitored and written down and we shall be judged by Allah on wrong doings, until and unless one asks for forgiveness from Allah and refrain themselves from doing the same in the future.

I would highly stress that Islam is not about imposing things on others. It teaches us love, peace and sacrifice for others. Hence be nice to everyone, especially the poor as they are less privileged and need to be more loved and taken care of.