ISLAMABAD-The National Highway Authority (NHA) has secured an ‘additional revenue’ of Rs.309million annually due to its repeated attempts to award nine service areas on Lahore-Abdul Hakeem Motorway (M-3) and Multan-Sukhar Motorway (M-5).

While ensuring the transparency and protecting interest of the public exchequer, NHA has made repeated attempts in last two months to get optimum inflow for its service areas on newly inaugurated motorways and resultantly the road authority has secured an ‘additional revenue’ of Rs.25.76 million per month for public exchequer.

These nine service areas include Nankana Sahib, Tandliyawala and Mureedwala service areas on Lahore-Abdul Hakeem Motorway and Rohri, Qutub Din Shah, Azam Pur, Zahir Pir, Uch Sharif and Multan service areas of Multan-Sukhar Motorway.

The Right of Way Directorate of NHA had offered said service areas for the first time in September 2019 and invited bids for their management and operation. However, the same could not be awarded in first three attempts as the incumbent management of NHA found the bids received as insufficient.

Sources informed that there was an imminence pressure and lobbying to accept the initial bids but the management has decided to go into fresh process again and again instead of accepting prior bids, which were offering very low revenue to NHA.

A total of four biddings were held for the service areas of M-3 while three biddings were held for the service areas of M-5 in last two months. It is pertinent to mention here that the very first bidding for M-3 could not be completed because one of the major bidders was declared defaulter of NHA while documentation of some other bidders were also found incomplete. According to the documents available with the Nation, NHA had received a total amount of Rs.7.98m per month as revenue in second bidding from highest bidders, Rs.9.136m per month in third bidding while Rs.17.847m per month in fourth and last bidding for the service areas of M-3. The highest bids for said motorway includes Rs.3.115m for Nankana Sahib Service Areas by M/s Nawaz Construction Company, Rs.7.366m for Tandliyawala Service Area and Rs.7.366m for Mureedwala Service Area by M/s Nawaz Construction Company JV AKB.

On the other side, NHA had received a total amount of Rs.13.317m as revenue in first bidding, Rs.14.552m in second bidding while Rs.29.212m in third bidding for the service areas of M-5.

The highest bids for M-5 includes Rs.5.2m for Rohri Service Areas by M/s MAZ & KB JV, Rs.1.612m for Qutub Din Shah Service Area by M/s NLC and Rs.4.4m for Azam Pur Service Area, Rs.6.6m for Zahir Pir Service Area, Rs.4.6 for Uch Sharif Service Area and Rs.6.8 for Multan Service Area by M/s MAZ & KB JV.

Meanwhile, the road authority has also received bids for filling stations of aforementioned motorways, which includes Rs.5.8m per month for Qutub Shah Din, Rs.5.2m for Azam Pur and Rs.6.8m for Uch Sharif on M-5 while Rs.5.2m for Nankana Sahib, 7.8m for Tanliyawala and Rs.5.4m for Muridwala. The road authority will annually fetch around one billion rupees from these nine service areas and six filling stations.

When contacted, NHA’s spokesperson Capitan Retired Mushtaq Ahmed informed that the bids are opened and evaluated by a Bids Evaluation Committee, which send its findings to another forum name Bid Acceptance Committee. However the final approval in this regard is granted by the Chairman NHA.

He said further that both of the committees have recommended awarding these service areas to highest bidders and Chairman NHA will take final decision in next few days.