The elected democratic government of PLM-N is about to complete its term during which lots of allegations were levelled against this government; lot of agitations and dharnas were held, but nothing could stop the government from starting new development projects which according to them is their motto and they believe serving people is worship.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said the country is definitely on road to progress and despite being mocked for cutting tapes for development projects, he has said he will continue to launch and inaugurate new projects for the good of his people and for the future of the country.

These development projects are not specific to certain departments or institutions. Rather it has left no stone unturned to make development in every sector; be it health, education, or social sector.

The government has initiated several road infrastructure projects, energy projects, railway upgradation projects and new railway track projects in the country and these projects are not limited to a specific area but cover the whole country.

Quick steps are being taken for the development of the country. Much appreciable is the fact that today’s Pakistan knows where to start from-infrastructural development and welcome an era of opportunities because of the domino effect of some major development projects.

Once these projects are completed and its benefits reach the common man, Pakistan will become a different country.

In view of these aspects one can say that the nation is moving towards making Pakistan great again, with all the integrity it holds. In this short piece, let us have a bird’s eye view of some of development projects that the Nawaz government has started in different sectors.

When the present government took hold of affairs in 2013, the energy and power crisis was at its peak. PM Nawaz Sharif took this challenge and started working on it. Presently, the government is working on almost 26 power projects to resolve energy crisis. There are some long term and short term coal, hydel and nuclear power projects so that cheap and abundant electricity could be available to the people in the country. Among these energy projects there are 10 coal power projects in Gadani, 2 coal power projects in Port Qasim, 4 power plants in different areas of Punjab, 10 coal power projects in Thar, Dasu Dam, Diamer Dam and Civil Nuclear power project in Karachi. Most of these projects will be completed before the next general elections.

The government has also made many reforms in education sector. It extended all sorts of support for the students and also for the initiations. The prime minister also initiated education reforms programme in Islamabad which includes comprehensive plan for up-gradation of physical infrastructure, addition of IT and science laboratories, human resource management, teachers training & evaluation, curriculum improvement and biometric attendance system in the public sector schools & colleges.

The initiative also includes mapping of school transport system, health & safety of students and student volunteering programmes. Besides, laptops and scholarships are also given to deserving students so that they could continue their studies. Recently, the PM also handed over 200 buses to Islamabad educational institutions.

Reforms are also made to provide quick and efficient health facilities to the under-privileged class. Lot of measures have been taken and ensured to provide freed medical treatment and medicine in all the government hospitals. Besides, the Prime Minister’s National Health Program is a milestone towards social welfare reforms; ensuring that the identified under-privileged citizens across the country get access to their entitled medical health care in a swift and dignified manner without any financial obligations.

The government has shunned negative propaganda of the opposition that development projects were Punjab centric. The PM has allocated Rs27 billion for completion of long-pending Lowari Tunnel project and added that numerous other projects in other provinces were in different stages of completion including road-networks, motorways, metro, green line and bridges. Similarly, a lot number of development projects are near completion in South and lower Punjab which is always neglected by the previous governments. The recent ongoing development projects in south Punjab are: Dera Ghazi Khan Medical College; Metro Bus service in Multan which has already started; 100 Mega Watt Solar project in Bahawalpur; two way roads from Kahnewal to Lodhraan; construction of Cardiology Hospitals in BahawalPur; Veterinary University in Bahawalpur; Construction of two way road from Bahawalpur to Hasilpur ; Express Highway from Multan to Shujabad; Water Supply Scheme; 500 bed hospital in MuzzafarGarh Khwaja Ghulam Fareed; Engineering University in Rahim Yar Khan; Medical College in Bahawalnagar Agricultural University in Buraywala etc.

The development of road network and motorways don’t need any clarification in this piece of writing because it is already accepted by the opponents of the governments. Road infrastructure has put Pakistan back on path to progress that the multi lateral donors have started building up their confidence in Pakistan’s economy. The government’s efforts should also be not ignored which are made in maintain peace and order in the country and especially in Karachi.

Country’s progress under the leadership of PM Nawaz Sharif can be gauged by the reports that Pakistan’s Stock Exchange is enjoying the status of being Number One in Asia and Number 5 in the world. Similarly, Pakistan has been forecasted to be the world’s fastest-growing Muslim economy in this year ahead of Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey and Egypt, according to ‘The Economist’ magazine.