Lahore-A private Indian news channel reported that Shiv Sena has sent threats to film-distributor Akshaye Rathi to not screen ‘Raees’ that stars Pakistan’s leading actress Mahira Khan and Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

Indian media is blaming the Pakistani connection- Mahira Khan for these threats because they claim to see no political relief for Raees.

Despite Shah Rukh Khan going out of his way and trying his best to make peace with India’s MNS chief Raj Thackeray, the Chhattisgarh wing has now sent out threatening letters to ban Raees from releasing in theaters.

Akshaye Rathi took up to Twitter and he wrote, “Dear Aditya Thackeray, we have received this threat letter from your Chhattisgarh unit against playing Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees. Do you endorse it?” We looked closely to see what exactly is written in the letter and the first line itself says “Film Raees par rok lagane ki baabat nivedan” (Hold Raees’ release).

Now we are not aware of how serious it is. Does it mean Raees will be banned only in Chattisgarh or are these threat letters being circulated even in Mumbai?

Akshaye Rathi is seeking help from everyone associated with Raees and also the fans who can help spread a word against this hooliganism in the form of political threats. He further added, “Request all fans to help me bring this to the notice of @AUThackeray. I’m sure he will take action against this nuisance. #Raees.” We are yet to hear an official statement from the makers of Raees but are things going to get worse considering Raees are set to release on January 25, which is just about 14 days from now? It seems like the Indo-Pak tension, which had calmed down a little, is again back to haunt the filmmakers.