Lahore - Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar said on Friday that the public is not being provided with justice (as quickly as) it was given in the past.

He said this while addressing a dinner arranged by the Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) in the outgoing chief justice’s honour here on Friday.

Addressing the ceremony, the chief justice said that he had been associated with the LHCBA for the last 56 years. He said that also his father would practice in the Lahore High Court. He said he only took notice against the unavailability of facilities in hospitals and never humiliated any one.

Speaking especially to the lawyers’ community, he said, “You are part and parcel of the judicial system.” He said that to reach the highest place in the legal profession was only possible through one way. He explained the “one way” by telling a story related to known lawyer SM Zafar. The chief justice quoted SM Zafar as saying, “Ten things are necessary for success in life. Nine factors out of the 10 are hard working, and the 10th too is hard working.”

He then urged the lawyers to work hard not for becoming an oath commissioner rather to become Ejaz Hussain Batalvi or M Saleem or SM Zafar (all renowned lawyers of the country) and then find their right place in the profession. “You are to plead your cases for the supremacy of righteousness. I would hear very impressive arguments from great lawyers in the courts in the past. But today, the courts have been held hostage by the applications of 22a and 22b (of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC).” An application Under Section 22a and 22 b is normally filed before the session court for the registration of an FIR on the refusal of the police to do so. He then urged the lawyers to plead high profile cases in the high court for the administration civil justice. He said that the objective of the High Court is not to file writ petitions for the registration or not registration of FIRs.

He said, “On January 14, 2019, we will give a gift in the shape of police reforms, and within the police set-up, the matter will permanently be resolved.

Regarding pending reference, he said, “Today in the Supreme Judicial Council, only two references are pending. We have disposed of all the references on merit. They were not one rather a huge number of references had been lying pending. Fake references will not be allowed to be filed. We have to meet the ends of justice. I am saying with complete surety that only two references are pending and no third reference is pending today. In this way, we (jduges) are conducting our own accountability. We will not let the judges be blackmailed.”

Concluding his speech, the chief justice directed the Pakistan Bar Council and the Punjab Bar Council to carry out accountability of the lawyers.