According to PIA spokesperson, five planes amongst the PIA Aircraft fleet are stuck at the Dubai Airport due to heavy rains as well as the disruption of normal routine in terms of flight operations. These flights include K-214 from Karachi, PK-212 from Islamabad, PK-222 from Multan, PK-204 from Lahore and one from Faisalabad. The spokesperson said the PIA had issued a changed schedule taking into account the weather forecast predicted in Dubai. The cancelled flights include PK 213/214 Karachi-Dubai-Karachi, 235/236 Islamabad-Dubai-Islamabad and 283/284 Peshawar-Dubai-Peshawar.

The flight operations aimed at destination of Dubai have also been cancelled. Eight PIA flights have been cancelled and eight others delayed as the weather conditions in Dubai have affected flight operations in Pakistan as well.