JALALABAD (AFP) - Hundreds of Afghans took to the streets on Monday chanting death to Pakistani invaders to protest against cross-border attacks that they claim have killed dozens of people. In recent weeks tensions have sharply risen on the border that runs alongside the restive Afghan provinces of Kunar and Nangarhar, which villagers say have been bombarded with hundreds of rocket attacks. Pakistan says its security forces may have fired a few accidental rounds into Afghanistan while pursuing militants. It also says that insurgents from Afghanistan have crossed the border to attack security checkpoints. About 500 people rallied in eastern Jalalabad city, capital of Nangarhar province, carrying banners and chanting Death to the Pakistani invaders. We condemn the Pakistani military invasion of our country. Police installed barricades along the road leading to the Pakistani consulate, where the protesters appeared to be heading. The escalating border dispute has badly hit relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan at a key juncture in efforts to find a political solution to a decade of conflict in Afghanistan. Karzai has asked Army Chief Ashfaq Kayani to stop the attacks , while the Pakistanis summoned the Afghan ambassador and Pakistani PM Gilani has complained back to Karzai.