ISLAMABAD - Syed Akhunzada Chitan, Member National Assembly from Bajaur Agency, who is a very good sportsman, is working hard to bring the kids of his area into the mainstream and provide them with every available opportunity to utilise their skills in sports rather than letting them fall in the hands of terrorists. Talking exclusively to TheNation on Monday, he revealed many hidden facts about his personality. He said: "I have represented Fata in National Games as an athlete and taken part in 400m race." Akhunzada, who is also the President Pakistan Volleyball Federation Fata Chapter, said there was a very high standard stadium in Bajaur, where all kinds of sports including cricket, football, volleyball and basketball were played, however there was no facility to hold indoor games there. "I am trying to get this facility as soon as possible, as this stadium was under armed forces control and they have just vacated this place," he said adding: "I want to build an indoor hall and a gym, as fitness is the key to success for a sportsman. Without proper training and guidance no one can go beyond his limitations." He said he brought teams, football, volleyball, from Fata to Islamabad to give them exposure and proper coaching facilities at the highest possible level. Akhunzada said: "I want to have all these facilities in Bajaur and set up an academy, where the boys at their early age could be accommodated and given proper training facilities." He added that the teenage was the best time to invest and get desired results, if he became successful in his mission, he would give the country world-class players in almost all the games. He said these players would shine at the world level and bring fame to the country. He observed that the players of that area by nature were strong and well built. He said athletic was the mother of all sports and comparatively this is a poor men's game because of its low cost and it suits boys. Through sports we can take our nation long way as if our grounds are full then hospitals will remain empty. Two things are required for progress and they are mind and body. A good brain is developed through proper education and a good sportsman is developed through equipment of modern techniques and provision of all the required facilities. He said the best way of getting talent is from grassroots level. The government schools lag far behind while private schools are giving special attention to sports and have their own teams. Poverty and lack of knowledge is the back draw of our area as the boys are not aware what to eat. He urges political administration to hire talented boys and give them stipends and hold regular events so they can be protected from terrorists and their abilities can be utilize in the best interest of the nation. He was of the view that there is no audit system and no check and balance on the grants and the funds are being misused. He suggested that a check and balance system must be introduced and also appealed to the media to give more exposure to the youth of the area that will help us in bringing out fresh talent from each and every corner of the agency. He urged the banks, multi-nationals and all others to come forward and hire youngsters from Fata and adjacent areas. Sports play vital role in building the character of the youngsters. It is because of sports two enemies shake hands as sports give the lesson of patience and teach us to respect the opponent, he said. People of his area still believe sports is wastage of time and not let their kids to actively take part in sports, media can play a key role in this regard as they can help us in telling the parents and pursue them to let their kids join the sport of their liking. He stressed the PTV to set up a sports channel as there is no proper channel in these areas and everyone could not afford dish antenna and payment of heavy monthly fees to acquire cable TV. This can further enhance the chances of getting desired results form Fata, he said. There is an urgent need for producing genuine sportsmen as the blue-eyed have destroyed the whole set-up, which is the main reason that Pakistan lags far behind in sports. There is no lack of talent in the country and the only need is to provide them facilities. With the promotion of genuine talent, the country can produce champions in every sports, he concluded. MOHSIN ALI