ISLAMABAD - Favouritism and nepotism prevailed during the two-day so-called trials for the selection of ZTBL Under-19 cricket team at Diamond cricket ground. As many as 175 players from across the country reached Islamabad hoping fair selection and thus a chance to show their abilities, but they were unaware that there is no room for merit, as only the influential and high profile 'parchee' holders were considered for selection. During a visit to the ground, it was witnessed that persons who were over-aged and having no proper documentation were preferred during the trials. It looked that the selection committee had already selected boys, and it was just holding a futile practice to cover their hush-up. Despite getting an overwhelming response from the kids, the ZTBL management doesn't even bother to arrange proper water or any other facility for the boys, who reached the ground in time. They were not treated properly by the camp organisers. Had the Diamond ground management not provided enough water to the boys, the situation could have turn even worst, as the heat is already taking its toll up. The selection panel looked busy obliging its blue-eyed and unaware of the miseries of the youngsters. Before announcing trials, the ZTBL management should have at least taken care of providing water for the youngsters at the ground and the management should have given meal to these lads at least during the afternoon, but no body bothers and let the boys at their own. After spending whole day in trials the camp convener Masood Anwar selected a group of 35 players and ordered them to come next day as all know Islamabad is too expensive and these poor lads had not enough money to even have a one time meal. Next morning the selectors managed to get desired results and after two days of futile practice selected their blue-eyed persons ignoring merit completely during the entire process. If the ZTBL wanted to select a team like this then what was the reason to hold trials and wasting money of the players. A lot of touching scenes were witnessed, as the deserving lads were crying and fighting with Masood Anwar and others over their deprivation of a fair selection. Finally the selectors prevailed in their game plan of adjusting lads of their liking. These so-called selectors have not only brought bad name to cricket but also put their department prestige at stake. It is the responsibility of ZTBL management to declare these trials null and void and hold fresh trials under some professional and impartial selectors who select a team purely on merit. This will enhance the reputation of both management and the department. Any compromise on this selection will not only dampen the sprits of the youngsters but it also can prove fatal for the chances of ZTBL team in the Under-19 competition. Now the ball is in ZTBL management court and they have to decide either they want blue-eyed persons or deserve players through fair selection policy to save management prestige that was damaged by the selection committee.