KARACHI - At least five persons were shot dead injured in separate incidents of targeted killings here on Monday and two others succumbed to their injuries, while two groups clashed in Lyari leading to a complete shutter-down of Lee Market, Baghdadi, Moosa Lande and Khadda Market. An office of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) also came under attack on Monday as criminal gangs fought in Lyari. Police recovered a dead body of a youth, identified as Abdul Sattar, from Ranchore Line. According to Eidgah Police, the deceased was resident of Layari Kala Kore and was shot dead after being abducted. In Pak Colony, unidentified motorcyclists shot dead 45-year-old Muhammad Hussain who was a milk seller, police sources said. At least four passengers were injured in firing on a bus in Lee Market area while firing incidents were reported from many localities of Old City. Some unidentified armed men opened indiscriminate fire on a passenger bus injuring four persons. The injured were rushed to the Civil Hospital. Firing in Kharadar, Napier Road, Lee Market, Baghdadi and Khadda Market created panic among the people, forcing again the closure of trade and business centres. Police have asked for extra contingents for these areas. Residents of Maripur staged a protest demonstration against the firing incident and blocked the main road. On the other hand, women hailing from Katchhi community staged a protest demonstration against Peoples Peace Committee in the wake of intense fight between two armed groups in Layari. The demonstrators were carrying placards and banners with slogans inscribed on them against the Peoples Peace Committee. The women shout slogans against the firing incidents and attacks on houses of Katchhi community in Layari. The demonstrators also chanted slogans against some ministers of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). Protesting women demanded the government deploy army in Layari to stem gang war there. MQMs Rabita committee also said on Monday that their office in Lyari was attacked with a grenade, claiming that terrorists belonging to the Lyari gangs were using bombs along with modern weapons. Independent sources confirmed that an attack did take place on the office. MQM chief Altaf Hussain postponed his speech to general worker meeting in Karachi that was due today. The party meetings in other areas of in Sindh were also postponed as a result of the worsening law and order situation. The MQM Rabita committee appealed the President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to end the hegemony of government ministers and reign of Lyari gang war terrorists. The Rabita committee also expressed concern over the situation in Lyari and blamed it on the Amn Committee. They alleged that those involved in terror activities in the area had instructions from government officials. Sources have also said that all unit offices of the MQM have been asked to shut down and limit their activities. Meanwhile, In his latest effort to lure back the dejected MQM to the PPP-led coalition, Federal Minister Rehman Malik conveyed a between-the-lines message to the besieged party that its sufferings could come to an end, if it again comes to terms with the ruling PPP. The federal minister told journalists in Karachi on Monday that Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) always stood shoulder to shoulder with the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) in every hard time and if they (MQM) have any apprehension, it may be resolved on negotiation table. He went on to say that the friendship of PPP and MQM was imperative for the democracy and betterment of the country. After he hold meetings with Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim AlI Shah and the office bearers of PPP Karachi division at CM House, the interior minister told the media, We will move forward following the path of reconciliation. If the MQM has any kind of misunderstandings, those can be corrected by direct communication, he said, adding, I am available for a discussion any where. Talking about the issue of citys security, he said that the government would not allow anybody to destroy the peace of Karachi and the elements involved in subversive activities would be dealt with iron hands, no matter from which political party they belong. He said that heart of every Pakistani is weeping over the circumstances of Qasba Colony and Katti Pahari, where even mosques were not spared. Malik said five hundred FC personnel will reach Karachi this evening to take part in maintaining peace in Karachi. He claimed that the law and order situation has improved in the city after the measures adopted by of the government. He urged the people and the media to cooperate with the law enforcing agencies in curbing troublemakers. To a question Rehman Malik said that the friendship of PPP and MQM was imperative. He said the president and the prime minister have directed him to keep in touch with MQM as well as make efforts for maintaining peace in the mega city. He said that the telephones of Nine-Zero were disconnected due to some technical fault. The PTCL is a private organisation and the government had nothing to do with the issue. If MQM wanted to investigate the matter, they could send their engineers, he added. Government would never use any jarring tactics. The MQM and PPP remained good friends in the past and unity among both parties is imperative for restoration of peace in Karachi. Our doors are still open for them. Muttahida should resolve all the issue through dialogue process, the minister said as he repeated his offer to the MQM. On the other hand, the MQM warned on Monday that the PPP government will have to face dire consequences, if any attempt was made to attack Nine-Zero, the party headquarters. Addressing a press conference at Nine-Zero here on Monday, MQM Deputy Convenor Anees Qaimkhani advocate alleged that Sindh Senior Minister Zulfiqar Mirza held a meeting with Afaq Ahmed in which they planned to attack Nine-Zero. Anees said that one PPP minister denied Mirzas meeting with Afaq while the other confirmed it. He said the MQM rejected commissionerate system and after its announcement of challenging it in the court, telephone lines of Nine-Zero were disconnected on the direction of the government. Why the government is not accepting the resignations of the MQM ministers, he added. He said that the MQM did not need the PPP. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali shah said that the accusations of attack at Nine-Zero are regrettable and baseless. Talking to media persons here on Monday, he said that the government did not disconnect the telephone lines of the MQM headquarters. Why we would disconnect the lines, Qaim said. The chief minister said that accusations of separating Sindh and attack on Nine-Zero were regrettable. In a related political development, MQM MPAs submitted five adjournment motions for the Sindh Assembly session to be held on July 13. The adjournment motions were on law and order, Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) and electricity load-shedding, gad load-shedding, embankment breaches and price hikes. Muzammil Qureshi, Heer Soho, Khalid Iftikhar and Amir Moeen Peerzada submitted the adjournment motions.