A company has unveiled an unusual vending machine that enables you to get married for just 1. The 8ft (2.4m) tall pink AutoWed machine is described by its Falmouth-based makers, Concept Shed, as a parking meter mixed up with a Cadillac. To kick off proceedings the machine plays a specially composed intro version of the Wedding March. Customers are then able to select their type of union. The ceremony itself takes place courtesy of a robotic voice, before customers take their vows - pressing one button for I do and another for Escape. After inputting their names the happy couple then gets a wedding receipt and two plastic rings in egg-shaped capsules. And, just in case things dont work out, the machine also issues a 10% off voucher for AutoDivorce. The first AutoWed machine has now been brought by Marvins Marvellous Mecanical Museum in Michigan, America. -