LAHORE Jail inmates had predicted that Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani will become either the president or the prime minister of Pakistan. However, he always snubbed them, saying that the mantle of prime minister would go to his leader Ms Benazir Bhutto. The internees then asked him which office he would like to occupy. In response, he used to tell them that he should tell the fellow prisoner Makhdoom Javed Hashmi that he would become the countrys chief executive and Gilani the president. In an interview with WaqtTV, the prime minister shared what can be described as personal information. When Gilani was in prison, Asif Ali Zardari was also behind the bars. And when Mr Gilani was being sentenced, Mr Zardari who was present in the court, told the judge that the man he had convicted was the future president of the country. Answering a question, the prime minister said he was a great admirer of Winston Churchill, who used to say: One should be firm without being rough. About his five years in jail, Mr Gilani said during this period he read many a book and also authored some. He read some biographies and historians. He regards his detention period as his asset. He was fond of gardening. He lived a very disciplined life even behind the bars. About his eating habits, he said he could take anything that is cooked well. During imprisonment he tried to learn cooking. Since he was awarded rigorous imprisonment, he tried gardening and grew roses. In response to a question, the prime minister said he had always been health conscious. He has been exercising regularly. In good weather, he also goes out for a walk. The prime minister claims to be a man of positive thinking, eager to solve all problems through talks. So assiduous is he that while working he forgets whether it was Sunday or some other day. He is fond of old music, very particular about his dress. Even in jail he used to match his socks with his clothes. Minced meat is the favourite food of the prime minister. He thinks that his life changed after his marriage. He was a member of the Muslim League at the time of his wedding. So eager was he about taking part in politics that he attended a PML meeting held on just the second day of his marriage. There is 'division of work in the Gilani family. Some members are associated with politics, while others devote time to spiritual activities. Waqt TV