KARACHI- Political wheeling-dealings are at the peak in the metropolis as the PPP is striving to bring anti-MQM forces on one platform to give the latter a tough time on all fronts. The emerging political situation has brought Jamaat-e-Islami and Sunni Tehreek closer to PPP, while ANP is already on the same page. The government wants to appoint new Sindh Governor as soon as possible and has offered the slot to the Jamaat-e-Islami. Former Karachi Nazim Naimatullah Khan is being considered for the gubernatorial slot, whose holder must be an Urdu speaking person. In a bid to show the gesture of goodwill, the government has appointed seasoned bureaucrat Muhammad Hussain Syed as the first Commissioner of Karachi after the restoration of Commissionerate system. He is son-in-law of Deputy Chief JI Professor Ghafoor Ahmed. The Jamaat has played an important role in arranging a meeting between MQM Haqiqi leader Afaq Ahmed Khan and Senior Sindh Minister Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza in Karachi jail. Dr. Pervez Mehmood, and former Town Nazim Liaquatabad belonging to JI facilitated the meeting, sources privy to the development said. Haqiqi leader Afaq Ahmed has close contacts with Jamaat since 1992. After the visit of Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza to Karachi jail, the imprisoned MQM activists Saulat Mirza and others were shifted to Hyderabad Jail and other jails in the interior. The government is also wooing Sunni Tehreek and has given assurances to its leadership to accommodate it in political dispensation. Sunny Tehreek is already at daggers drawn with MQM in areas where it challenged the party. Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi Amir Muhammad Hussain Mahenti, who led a party delegation in a meeting with the PPP, told reporters that it was the PPP leadership which approached the JI for support for the restoration of peace in the metropolis. PPP leaders said MQM was main hurdle in the restoration of peace in Karachi. We told them that we will support their effort in bringing peace in Karachi, said the JI leader. Asked whether the PPP leadership talked about making Naimatullah Khan as Sindh Governor, he answered in the affirmative. But, he said, the Jamaat was not part not part of the government, still it would extend cooperation for peace in Karachi. Sindh Jamaat-e-Islami amir Asadullah Bhutto said that meeting between JI and the PPP leaders was a routine matter.