ISLAMABAD - The incumbent government is unlikely to complete over 90 percent mega road link projects in Punjab even after the passing of their completion dates as in most of the cases PSDP allocated funds are too meager to meet the completion dates. Paucity of funds could not be held the main reason behind the non-completion of these vital projects of this province especially in urban areas as other contributory facts include ill planning, snails pace work and others are almost equal causes of extraordinary delay, revealed the progress report of NHAs mega projects made available with The Nation. In seventeen mage projects Rs7460million was allocated during 2011-11, while the required funds for completion are almost double in figure that is Rs 14,266million. The completion date of most of the NHAs projects is almost approaching in Punjab but work progress is not more than 50 percent, revealed available figures. According to the details, eight projects in Southern Punjab are unlikely to be completed in due completion date due to certain reasons. As, the construction of 2-Lane Mosa Pak shaheed Bridge & approach road over river Sutlej at Aimanwala, District Bahawalpur (Bridge 610 M, Approach road 4.50 Km) required Rs700million while only Rs250 million was earmarked in PSDP 2011-12. Kumharanwala-Vehari-Bahawalpur Chowk (N-5) (8.20 Km) Rs1,077 million was to complete in August 2011 but 100 percent More allocation is required for completion.