ISLAMABAD - A top air force official informed the Abbottabad Commission that the countrys air bases were put on high alert as soon as the PAF received information about the US raid on the compound of Osama bin Laden. The second meeting of the high powered commission, tasked with investigating the May 2 Abbottabad incursion by the US Navy Seals and reported killing of Osama bin Laden (OBL) by them, took place on Monday under the chairmanship of Supreme Court Judge, Justice Javed Iqbal, here in the Cabinet Division Block of Pakistan Secretariat. The other members of the commission, IG (r) Abbas Khan, Ashraf Jehangir Qazi and Lt Gen (r) Nadeem Ahmed, also attended the meeting. Major General Ashfaq Nadeem and deputy chief of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), Air Marshall Mohammed Hassan, appeared before the commission and gave briefings. Afterwards the two officials answered question of the commission members. The commission discussed the deployment of the air force and army on the borders and the violation of Pakistani airspace by the US during the time of the operation. Air Marshal Mohammad Hassan gave a detailed statement to the commission highlighting the events leading to Abbottabad Operation. He elaborated functioning of radar system, which forms the fundamental component of PAFs air defence system. He also informed the commission about locations and altitude the PAF radars can cover, and their operation mechanism during war as well as peacetime. He also indicated situations where the radar system cannot detect an intruding aircraft/helicopter due to terrain limitations. He stated that for the past many years and prior to May 2, PAF has maintained peacetime posture on its western borders. He told the commission that on learning about the OBL operation, PAF immediately took adequate operational measures as per standard operating procedures (SOPs). PAF aircraft continued their presence in Abbottabad area till early morning. Air Marshal Mohammad Hassan also responded to various questions asked by the commission including those relating to the terms of reference of the commission. The next meeting of the commission will take place on July 18 in which DG Military Operations is expected to give a detailed briefing regarding the OBL operation, the sources said. They also said that many other high level civil government officials will be summoned to the next hearing of the commission. The commission in its preliminary meeting on July 5 had directed interior ministry and the ISI to not to repatriate Osama bin Laden family without its consent. The commissions secretary Nargis Sethi had issued formal directive to the law enforcement agencies concerned to ensure protection to the family members of OBL and not let them leave Pakistan as long the probe is complete or when the commission grants permission for the same. The family will be questioned by the commission, if required. Two of bin Ladens wives and some of his children were left behind in Abbottabad after the attack. The family is believed to be in the custody of the law enforcement agencies. The commission had also asked the people to submit their information or material about the Abbottabad raid to cabinet secretariat till July 31, adding that names of the informer would be kept secret. They will be notified by the commission about the date, time and venue for their appearance. The commission can co-opt experts of specified fields for any kind of assistance. The purpose of the commission is to lay down the procedure for ascertaining facts regarding the presence of OBL in Pakistan for such a long time, investigation into the circumstances and facts surrounding the US operation and determination nature and background and causes of lapses of the authorities concerned and chalking out consequential recommendations.