ISLAMABAD - Pakistan pair Shahid nad Sajjad off to a flying start in the Snooker World Cup started in Bangkok, as its players beat favourites Ireland 3-2. Pakistani pair beat the Ireland pair Ken Doherty and Fergal O'Brien, who are hot favourites for the World Cup and have been former world champions. This victory paved the way for the Pakistani pair to entered second round. Pakistan now face Germany in the second round today. Results: 1st Frame - Ken 111 break against Sajjad 2nd frame-Shahid beat Fergal OBrian with 74 break 3rd Frame-Mix doubles Pakistan team won on Pink Ball 4th Frame- Shahid beat Ken Doherty 74 points to 16 Shahid 39 break and 23 5th Fergal OBrian beat Sajjad 101 break by Brian Pakistan won 3 frames to 2 Pakistan won 3 frames to 2.