Recently, I traveled to London from Lahore on PIA after a long time. It was 5th July and the flight no was 757. Usually, I prefer other air lines for my trips but this time around I thought that PIA might have improved its standard by now. But to my surprise the standard had further deteriorated. It was disgusting that after so many calls the first appearance by steward was made after almost two hours after the plane was airborne. During this time there was no water available. The food was very stale, stinking and cold, completely unfit for human consumption. On this 8 hours flight, the cabin crew appeared only three times. I do not understand that while the fare is nearly about 90,000/- rupees, the standard is so low and bad. Contrary to this, I have traveled so many times in Qattar airways and found the standard of their service and food up to the mark. To my horror when I was embarking from the plane I saw at least a dozen cabin crew staff standing in business class, probably trying to please the passengers of the first class. This gives the impression that the persons traveling in economy class are useless and considered as prisoners. MAJOR ANWAR PASHA, London, July 11.