ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court on Monday ordered the Sindh police to demote 879 police officers elevated through shoulder promotion to their previous position within a week. The Secretary Establishment Division has been directed to furnish the documents and inform about the steps taken to fill the police officers posts in Grade-18 to Grade-20 in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa and Balochistan on July 12. The Secretary was also ordered to provide the record of correspondence made with the KPK and Balochistan govts regarding filling the posts. The IGPs Khyber Pakhtunkhawa and Balochistan informed a two-member bench comprising Justice Javed Iqbal and Justice Ghulam Rabbani that there was shortage of police officers in Grade-18 to Grade-20 posts. The Inspector Generals Police of all the provinces and Islamabad briefed the court about the status of shoulder promotion and the problems they facing in their respective provinces. Balochistan IGP informed the court that there was no shoulder promotion in the province, but out of 15 sanctioned posts in Grade-20 there is deficiency of 9 posts, while out of 28 posts in Grade-19 there is shortage of 13 posts. Similarly, out of 62 sanctioned posts in Grade-18 there is deficiency of 24 officers. He said that they have written to the Establishment Division to fill these vacancies, but so far no step has been taken in this regard. Inspector General Police KPK Fiaz Khan Toru informed that the sanctioned posts in Grade-20 are 18, but out of them there is shortage of 10, while in Grade-19 there is shortage of 7 posts and in Grade-18 there was shortage of 9 officers. He said that the officers from other provinces are reluctant to perform duties in the KPK, adding, presently only six from Punjab are at the higher police posts in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa. Justice Javed said that in the police rules and even in the Service Laws there is no concept of shoulder promotion. He said the it was not the intention of court to demoralise police force, but wanted that there should be equal opportunities for everyone in the police force. He said that though there is alarming situation of law and order in Balochistan and KPK, but the government is not taking interest to fill up Grade-18 to 20 posts, which is creating problems for the provincial police to maintain law and order situation in the provinces. Wajid Durrani IGP Sindh informed the court that there were 879 officers, whom were given shoulder promotions, while 216 officers are on ad hoc promotion. He said that shoulder promotion is not upgrading the rank. Justice Javed said that shoulder promotions become cause of heart burning for the deserving officers, whose promotion is due. He said: 'the political influence has damaged the police force. Punjab IGP Javed Iqbal told the bench that there was no shoulder promotion in the province. He said on the directives of the apex court 47 Superintendent Police and 32 Inspectors who got shoulder promotion have been demoted to previous ranks. IGP Islamabad Bin Amin also said that there was no shoulder promotion in the Federal capital. He said there was no policemen in the capital who was elevated under shoulder promotion as well as there was no Officer on Special Duty (OSD) in the capital. The case was adjourned till Tuesday (today).