State Bank has apprised ATC Rawalpindi that money to the tune of Rs 80 million is lying in Pervaiz Musharrafs bank accounts in Pakistan. Obviously, a government officer cannot amass such huge wealth even if he has nine lives of the proverbial cat. The question arises from where all this money poured into the bank accounts of Mr. Musharraff. The gentleman is preparing to come to Pakistan to serve the nation in the similar fashion he did earlier for 9 long years and eventually ran away with bag and baggage, purchased luxurious residence in UK and again started bemoaning the countrys lack of able leadership. It is irony of the fate that our wealth has always been looted and plundered by those who made illegal inroads to throne by crushing democracy. Would Mr. Musharraf explain how he got all this money? Was it a commando action or some favour from his allies. FTIKHAR SHAHEEN MIRZA, Islamabad, July 10.