Immediately after the unfortunate tragic death of Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, this country has been a victim of intrigues and corruption by none other than those, who through fake claims andopportunities, benefited most from its creation. Having acquired wealth overnight, they sought political power and have ever since conspired to rob this country ofits meager finances withconnivance of equally corrupt bureaucracy that had been raised and pampered by the British with abundant dole outs of state lands. We today are in a state of mess because of a weak judiciary and lack of respect for rule of law by the establishment. Pakistan is on the verge of perpetual financial collapse, and consistently been on the list of worse failed states and countries with least human resource development index. More than $200 billion belonging to not just our politicians, but members of the corrupt civil and uniformed bureaucracy, few traders and some pseudo intellectuals lies in Swiss Bank accounts. Like in other foreign countries, facing similar problems of corruption and breakdown of state institutions, there has been not a single case where these billionaire robbers have been prosecuted andpunished in Pakistan also. No individual is willing to step forward to give evidence, because they have seen the fate of others who dared to do so and ended upeither being murdered, or simply vanished from the face of earth. In USA, the state failed to get Al Capone convicted, a feared mafia don accused of committing more than 40 murders apart from his involvement in drugs and street crimes, because nobody dared to give evidence.He wasfinally convicted fortax evasion and concealment. Laws were enacted thereafter to provide protection to witnesses. Unfortunately there has been no will by all those, who have ruled this country,either through election or martial law and this conspiracy against the state continues till today. In the rare instance when somebody is caught, witnesses are pressurized by none other than the state to withdraw, as has happened in NICL, Hajjand Punjab Bank etc cases. MALIK TARIQ ALI, Lahore, July 8.