KARACHI - Pak Sarzameen Party leader Syed Mustafa Kamal once took a swipe at his ex boss Altaf Hussain, blaming the MQM chief for having his potential successors killed.

“Even a local shopkeeper creates capacity of leadership for his son so that he may replace his father but I ask MQM activists why did Altaf not groom anyone for leadership?” Kamal said in his media talk his party’s office.

“Instead he killed all those who had leadership qualities, and publicly humiliated the remaining ones. I ask you who will lead the party after Altaf? No one will, because he does not want to see MQM once he is gone. He only wants to use the party to shun cases against him,” Kamal added.

He blamed the MQM chief for deliberately issuing statements against state institutions, including military and civilian intelligence agencies, in hopes to invoke a strong reaction of the military establishment against his own party workers who are under custody.

“He (Altaf) does not mistakenly utter such things. He deliberately issues statements against Rangers DG, ISI DG and the military establishment so that innocent people could be targeted in retaliation.”

He claimed that his party made people aware of the MQM head ‘nefarious’ designs and “they listened to PSP”, which was followed by a “low voter turnout for the MQM in recent elections”.

Kamal reiterated his requested to the federal government for announcing a ‘Balochistan and Fata-like amnesty package’ for MQM workers who, he said, have been exploited by the party leadership.

“If militants and suicide bombers in Balochistan and Fata can be given such packages, why not the people of Karachi can be given such a package?”

Kamal claimed that the MQM chief had sold his workers’ loyalties to save himself from several ongoing investigations against him. “Altaf wants dead bodies and is pushing his people towards terrorism.”

Clarifying that his party handed over a list of missing MQM workers to intelligence agencies, Kamal said that MQM supremo used Farooq Sattar to carry out a false propaganda to malign the PSP. “We have come here to guide misguided people to the right path otherwise someone like Altaf Hussain will exploit them for his own benefit,” he said.

He said that people had rejected MQM’s allegation that the PSP was involved in the killing of Qawwal Amjad Sabri.

Later, Anis Kaimkhani said though MQM keeps blaming state institutions, including the military establishment, of forcing people to join PSP, as many as 260 Karachi-based MQM workers have already switched their allegiance.

“I want to let all people know that today we have 260 Karachi-based leaders of MQM in our party and the party has just begun.” Kaimkhani also invited media persons to quiz every single activist over who forced them to join his party.