islamabad - The encroachments have blurred beauty of the capital city, owing to the indifferent attitude of officials designated with the job to check the trend.

A survey conducted by The Nation reveals that rapid illegal construction upon state land, encroachments upon state land adjacent to the houses, occupation of passages in the commercial buildings and newly emerging trend of fencing available green areas around the houses are the factors that have marred beauty of the city.

The capital of the country and the only city with a master plan, Islamabad was once famous for its beauty whether it is natural or in terms of everything planned and systematic. But since the concerned quarters started turning a blind eye to the issue, the encroachers are coming with more and more challenging gesture.

As far as encroachers of state land are concerned, they would attack the CDA officials, police and even officials of district administration when they land in somewhat remote areas for removal of the encroachments.

Several FIRs registered at various police stations of the city during the past few years speak a lot about the attitude of the encroachers towards the demolishing teams.

The vendors occupying the passages in commercial centres would not waste a minute to reoccupy the place once the officials of the enforcement directorate of the CDA leave the site after completing their job, thus making the entire operation a futile exercise in real terms.

The shopkeepers and vendors have started encroaching upon roads and footpaths now, thanks to the leniency of the authority’s officials which may be due some financial benefit or political pressure. As far as action against the occupation of land adjacent to houses is concerned, the authority has hardly conducted an operation with an aim to achieve objectives.

Room after room is being constructed on state land, especially adjacent to the government accommodations in G-series sectors but CDA officials did not conduct any operation to remove the same in recent past.

A new trend of fencing available state land adjacent to houses is emerging rapidly in the city with the authorities least bothered towards the issue.

Taking advantage of the CDA’s leniency, the owners have erected barbed wire and huge pillars to occupy the green areas. All this activity has blurred the beauty of the city which was once known for its planning and writ of the authority.

The private schools and offices have also constructed illegal developments on CDA-owned land. So many institutes are using state land for different purposes as car parking and security check posts, causing problems to the smooth flow of traffic.

At some places, the roads are completely closed. All this is being done in the name of security. CDA has always been very lenient as far as organised encroachments are concerned, though CDA by-laws in this regard are very strict. Innumerable illegal katchi abadis are another example of the negligence of the CDA.

CDA must use its authority in getting the area free from the encroachers and should demolish the illegal constructions and developments.

When contacted, a CDA spokesman said that the authority is fully vigilant on the issue and has had been striving to make the city an encroachment-free area.

He said the enforcement directorate of the Authority is continuously striving to retrieve beauty of the city.