The report prepared by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) probing the Sharif family’s offshore accounts and alleged corruption has also taken former interior minister Rehman Malik in its folds, declaring him “cunning and unreliable” on the basis of his statements to the JIT.

The JIT probing Panama Papers case declared Malik “unreliable” for giving statements to mislead the investigation while he had no proof of corruption against the Sharif family .

Declaring Malik “cunning, unreliable and politically motivated”, the JIT report says that the former minister lied about submitting tax records of Sharifs’ London flats to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), and that his aim was only political point-scoring.

According to the JIT report , Malik, who belongs to the Pakistan People’s Party, does not have any evidence of Sharif’s money trail, he didn’t contribute anything to the JIT’s investigation and his claim of giving tax documents to NAB was also false.

Malik, a sitting senator, appeared before the JIT on June 23. Talking to reporters before heading to the JIT, the PPP leader told media-persons that he had turned up in his capacity as FIA’s former additional director-general who had, along with a team of 10 investigators, completed the report about the Sharif family’s offshore dealings. He also carried briefcases, claiming that they were full of proofs.