Reference letter ‘Failing Politics’ by Doctor Muhammad Yaqoob Bhatti in the Nation of June 20, blaming the government or the politicians generally for not building Kalabagh dam is not good enough, first we have to find out which is the body that has become so strong as to have thwarted all efforts of the various PML-N governments to make any progress on the dam. 

The first major effort was the Water Apportionment Award of 1991. After many months of deliberations, the four provinces agreed to the necessity of more dams on all the rivers including on the Indus. The Sindh delegation was signatory to the Award but on coming to power, Benazir Bhutto over ruled the delegation and issued a warning that Sindh will become a desert if Kalabagh dam is built, each one of her followers, illiterate or literate, have taken her warning as the gospel truth. 

This act of mindless incitement by the top leadership of PPP has turned the ultra nationalists in Sindh into a formidable force against Kalabagh dam, a force which is not even in control of the present PPP leadership. Even Musharraf had to bow before them. 

It is for the enlightened elements in Sindh to understand the gravity of the situation and tell their people that a country whose very economy is based on agriculture cannot survive without development of its water resources. 

We on our part can only appeal to like minded people in Sindh to please break the vow of silence and speak up before it is too late. 


Lahore, June 20.