The situation is not usual. The oppressive weight of investigation against a mafia demands ability of nerves. In the light of recent events, the members of JIT surely deserve appreciation. Firstly, they accepted this wild goose chase. Secondly, they are doing all this without entertaining any influence.

The nervousness of government officials depicts that the investigation is being done strictly on merit i.e. against the lords. Therefore, they are trying their best to make it controversial and apparently, have done it greatly so far. It really hurts when the head of a status quo has to present himself before the JIT because the system is not habitual of it.

Respondent no. 1,7,8 and many more were called by JIT. And the members of JIT know the cost of this insolence. However, they are doing this task vigilantly. This confirms that still a ray of hope is present in this ugly nexus of strong mafias. Well done JIT!


Gujranwala, June 20.