HAFIZABAD   -  Two brothers and four sisters of a groom were seriously injured in an armed attack by 12 suspects in Aliabad (Ballo Nau) here.

According to a police source, Luqman s/o Umar Hayat married the daughter of Nawaz against the wish of her parents. Nawaz got an abduction case registered against Luqman. The case was later quashed when the bride gave statements before the court of law that she had married Luqman with her free will which was resented by Nawaz and his family members. As Nawaz was an influential person, Luqman and his brothers - Ziaullah, Sanaullah and Arif along with other family members migrated from Aliabad to Gujranwala to protect their lives.

The other day, Ziaullah, Sanaullah, and Arif along with their sisters - Umme Habiba, Asifa, Rukhsana and Nasreen visited Aliabad in a van to see their relatives when accused, namely Nawaz, Azmatullah, Siddique, Mubeen, Kaif, Umar Siddique, Awais, Ilyas and four others opened fire on the vehicle. As a result, the van overturned. Later, the accused pounced upon them with rods and subjected them to severe physical torture. The accused also set ablaze their ancestral house and managed their good escape. Police registered a case and shifted the injured to Trauma Centre for medical treatment.


Eight members of a family including women and children were hospitalised after drinking poisonous milk in Raja Tarar village.

According to a police source, the family members of Zafar Iqbal drank poisonous milk and all of them fell unconscious. Zafar Iqbal, Samiullah and others were shifted to DHQ Hospital in critical condition. Police were investigating.