ISLAMABAD - Support of bureaucracy to private sector is very important for reviving the economy and public servants should always play a facilitative role for the smooth growth of business activities. This was stressed by Zafar Bakhtawari, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry while addressing a batch of 54 OMG trainee Officers who visited ICCI led by Syed Anwar ul Hasan Bokhari, Director General, Secretariat Training Institute, Islamabad as part of their grooming by visiting prestigious organizations. The officers are undergoing 35th Specialised Training Programme at the Secretariat Training Institute.

Bakhtawari said normally businessmen are blamed for price-hike and inflation, which is not true. He said prices are linked to demand & supply phenomenon and when demand goes up as often happens in Ramadan while supply is less, then prices go up. He said people could maintain prices at reasonable levels by rationalizing their purchasing behavior. If they is a shortage of supply and people reduce their purchasing, then prices could come down, he added.

ICCI President said that businessmen are playing significant role in the development of the national economy and providing jobs to millions of people. Therefore, public servants should give due respect to business community while dealing with them and give preference to addressing their problems. He said those societies have achieved better progress that gave dignity and respect to businessmen and our civil servants should also adopt this approach.

He said young officers can also play a crucial role in improving the image of Pakistan through efficient performance of their duties whether in Pakistan or abroad. He said one sided picture of inflation is portrayed on media and media should also invite businessmen to explain their point of view so that people could be informed about the facts.

Speaking on the occasion, Syed Anwar ul Hassan Bokhari, Director General, Secretariat Training Institute appreciated the efforts of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry for serving the cause of business community and playing  tremendous role in the development of local economy. He said generally government departments work in isolation while they should always take business community on board on important matters to achieve better results for the country.