A newborn baby and an 11-year-old boy died in DHQ Hospital due to the alleged negligence of doctors on duty here the other day.According to details, a woman namely Sumaira Bibi was admitted to DHQ Hospital Gynaecology Ward with labour pain where she gave birth to a child. The child, reportedly, required oxygen which could not be provided to him, causing his death. Following the death of the neonate, the parents along with a number of relatives started protested against the negligence of doctors and management of the DHQ Hospital. They blamed lacked of facilities in the hospital for the death of the newborn and demanded the government to initiate stern action against the doctors and hospital administration on account of their negligence and ineptitude. Meanwhile, another 11-year-old boy identified as Nadeem, admitted to the DHQ Hospital, due to some serious ailment also fell victim to the unavailability of oxygen. The citizen and local social, political and religious circles have expressed concern over the lack of facilities, especially the oxygen and deplored both incidents by holding the hospital administration responsible. They urged the Health Department high-ups to take stock of the situation and take a stern action against the responsible. They also demanded the Punjab government to take effective and tangible measures to ensure proper medical facilities in all public healthcare outlets.