I personally think that you, Mr Nawaz Sharif are very serious about the drone attacks, unlike Mr Asif Ali Zardari and Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani, who were reported by the Wikileaks, to have assured the Americans to carry on with the drone attacks on Pakistan and they would handle the public outcry by issuing useless statements condemning the attacks.

I can also imagine the predicament you face, when your predecessor(s) allowed the Americans to trample Pakistan's integrity and sovereignty with impunity, as if, Pakistan was not a sovereign nuclear nation, but their own personal property and they were not answerable to anyone for killing thousands. Time has come to tell the Americans, what Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto said to Henry Kissinger, when Henry Kissinger demanded that Pakistan should back off from the purchase agreement of the re-processing plant from France, “Mr. Kissinger, if you spit and ask me to clean it, I will clean it, however, if you spit and ask me to lick it, I won't."

For Pakistan, the easiest way to stop drone and other attacks is to link the working of GLOC (Ground Lines of Communication) for NATO traffic, with ‘No US attacks’ on Pakistan of any type, including the drones and from the Afghani forces, who have been attacking our troops, on behest of NATO forces. In compliance with the orders of the PHC (Peshawar High Court) and resolutions of our assemblies, Pakistan should shut the supply lines of (by land and by air, repeat by air, which is free, whereas, the US offered to Turkey $20 billion, for permission to use its air space during Iraq war, which was turned down by Turkey, an honourable country) NATO traffic from Pakistan to Afghanistan and vice versa.

Sir, no need to be afraid of any retaliation from the US, because they can't afford any confrontation with Pakistan till 2014; and it will not make any difference to an ordinary Pakistani, as the vast majority of the Pakistani population is already living in the ‘Stone Age’ for the last five years. The nation has been facing consequences of a 15 year war. In this regard, all your advisors will try to frighten you with different scenarios; however, always remember to never take any decision, under the influence of fear. You claim to be a tiger fight and live like one!


Lahore, June 8.