There have been press statements about the Sindh delta drying up below Kotri, where there is little passage of water, which according to a writer from Sindh, ought to be 10 MAF in a year. The correct estimate of water needed below Kotri, for a healthy Indus basin, has been estimated to be 4.6 MAF yearly, which is only possible if a mega dam upstream is built to store the flood waters.

Unfortunately the Water Accord of 1991 laid down shares for all provinces, with Sindh and Punjab getting 37 percent each and KPK and Balochistan getting 14 percent and 12 percent respectively, but this was contingent upon building of Kalabagh dam, to store the flood waters which last only for 70 days in a year. The result of not building Kalabagh dam and with no hope in sight for building another mega dam in the near future, we are forced to share water shortages in the same ratio as was intended for future water storages.

The diehard oppositions of Sindh only stands in the way of providing sufficient water and power for all the provinces, while the irrigated crop area of the provinces remain at a level of 73 percent in Punjab, 15 percent in Sindh, 7 percent in Balochistan and 5 percent in KPK which would remain so and we would not be able to reap the benefits of a mega dam like Kalabagh dam without the water shares allowed by the Water Accord of 1991 which cannot be assured. What is required is mega dams, instead of mega scams, which we have witnessed during the past 5 years of PPP rule.


Lahore, June 9.