The Monitoring and Surveillance Team of Multan Electric Power Company detected 184 power pilferers during the month of May and imposed fine worth over Rs1.8 million on them. Mepco sources said that about Rs400,000 was recovered from the power thieves. The team imposed Rs. 66438 fine on seven power pilferers caught from Hassan Parwana sub division, Rs7,056 on three from Industrial Estate sub division, Rs2.49 lac on seven from Nawan Shehr sub division, Rs3,6492 on one from Mumtazabad sub division, Rs4,3290 on eight from Shah Rukan-e-Alam sub division, Rs25185 on four fro Shamasabad sub division, Rs5640 on one from Hassanabad sub division, Rs49296 on five from Gulgasht sub division, Rs95532 on one from Bosan Road sub division, Rs1.7 lac on 16 from City sub division, Rs51,390 on nine from Shahdarra sub division, Rs24564 on six from Model Town sub division, Rs1.17 lac on 11 from Baghdaad sub division, Rs. 1.2 lac on 16 from Satellite Town sub division, Rs. 66690 on nine from Muzaffargarh-1 sub division and Rs. 8 lac on 80 from Karamdaad Qureshi sub division.