ISLAMABAD - Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan Tuesday in his meeting with British High Commissioner said the government is working on prioritising its interaction with UK in different areas of cooperation including counter-terrorism, immigration and security issues.

British High Commissioner Adam Thomson along with a delegation Tuesday called on Federal Minister for Interior Ch Nisar Ali Khan and discussed matters of mutual interests. He conveyed that building on Pakistan's traditional cooperation with the UK government on trade, economic growth and education would be a high-priority for the British government.

The minister while conveying his government's commitment towards furthering the bilateral relations with the British government said the government was working on prioritising its interaction in different areas of cooperation, such as counter terrorism, immigration issues as well as organised crime and security issues. He emphasised that he and his team would engage with the British working groups on a "time-bound schedule". Certain areas would have more preference over others and special task groups would be formed to resolve the gamut of bilateral issues.

The British high commissioner pointed out that his government had high expectations from the government of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and the UK government considered it a priority that democracy should flourish in Pakistan. He viewed that with a clear majority in the centre and the province of Punjab, the new government is ensured of a sound start. The British government viewed Pakistan as a major player in the region and was also the second largest trading partner, he added.

The minister emphasised that PML-N-led federal government would like to build on the 60 years relationship with the British government to the mutual benefit of both the countries and to extend the cooperation beyond the current bilateral issues of terrorism, drugs, immigration, money laundering etc. to a broader spectrum. He said that the cooperation should also extend on day-to-day civic issues that would be short listed by him and a request would be made for institutional support.

He also conveyed that in keeping with the help extended by the British government in Punjab on forensics expertise and laboratories, he would make a similar request for helping out in the federal government.

The minister also expressed his desire to make Islamabad a model city and then replicating the model in other provincial capitals as well as regions. He in the end expressed his resolve to work on a fast track basis with the British government.