We usually think that celebrities and the ultra rich have a wonderful life, full of glamour and fame; what we fail to understand is that they have problems as well, but of a different nature, the recent incident of Paris Michael trying to commit suicide gives us a hint, that all is not well in these greener pastures. So why did she or other celebrities try to kill themselves when they have so much going for them? The famous saying, “Money cannot buy you happiness” can be applied here.

Life is full of ups and downs, an intelligent and brave person deals with all this with patience and courage. Ending your life, because you were not able to get something petty, is just not ok. Life is a gift from Allah we have no right to squander it on worthless issues. Suicide is unacceptable (haram) in Islam as well as Christianity and we need to hold on to our faith and count our blessings every day.


Karachi, June 8.