Warsaw, Poland: A protestor who threw a cream cake in a judge’s face in a courtroom protest is to face charges in Poland.

The demonstrator was furious when judges in Warsaw suspended the trial of Communist era minister Czeslaw Kiszczak, now 87, over the deaths of nine striking miners in 1981 on health grounds.

Judge Anna Wielgolewska was covered in cream when the protestor - named only as Zbigniew M under local privacy laws - hurled the cake at her as she left the court room.

Now prosecutors say the demonstrator will face charges on insulting a public official.

“He got her right in the face and was arrested instantly by the court guards,” said one witness.

Kiszczak was set to be tried for the fifth time over responsibility for the Wujek Coal Mine Massacre of December 1981 in Katowice, Silesia.–ON