Punjab Provincial Assembly has banned all late night packages offered by different mobile networks. This step was taken to stop the misuse of cellular services by our youth, who had become victims of this immoral promotion, late nights and absence in education centers were clear indicators that the young wasted their time on useless talk all night; this also promoted vulgarity and immorality. The bill was passed to maintain a healthy youthful environment. It is pertinent to mention there that KPK provincial assembly had also passed a resolution for the ban of night packages, but nothing has stopped the cellular companies with their all night-call offerings.

Senate’s Standing Committee on Cabinet Division has also asked Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to stop these all night packages. It is unclear when PTA will issue the directive to cellular companies for withdrawal of night packages. Even if ordered, we aren’t sure that cellular companies will refrain from night packages – I humbly request Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to take immediate action against the Mobile companies, in accordance with the resolutions passed by the two provincial assemblies of Pakistan.


Lahore, June 8.