Islamabad - Renowned Career Counsellor Khadija Mushtaq, CEO Roots Ivy Schools, College and University Pakistan conducted an exclusive, interactive session at the three-day Roots Ivy open house held the other day and inspired a large number of students that had gathered from all over Pakistan to attend the event with her dynamic mentoring, academic guidance and career counselling.

She discussed the current challenges and prospects for the best career options in the world and also shared her vision on providing quality education to the youth of Pakistan so that they can play an effective and dynamic role as true cosmopolitan citizens and aspiring future leaders for the progress and prosperity of the country. The main purpose of this event was to interact with students, to discuss their academic goals and to provide them with guidance towards the successful completion of their degrees abroad.

Roots Ivy Schools, college and university Pakistan has been diligently providing top quality International qualifications in Pakistan and is recognized for its academic excellence worldwide. Over the past decade many new qualifications have been added to the Roots Ivy profile namely: IB programme, HND fashion & textile, HND business, Institute of Commercial Management UK BBA qualifications, international foundation programme UOL and ACCA along with Montessori, primary and secondary level, O-Levels, A Levels and BSc.

It was a very productive networking session for the students to get a detailed insight of all the program outlines and quality of campus experience. The open house offered students with the opportunity of one-on-one sessions with the best teachers and faculty members in the country as well as program coordinators, administrative staff and the alumni of Roots Ivy. Students were encouraged to discuss any queries regarding any aspect of the college/university.

A detailed orientation on various degree programs was given to the students highlighting the educational standard and system in the US universities.

Students were very excited to attend the open house and discover opportunities such as international summer school programmes, MUNs, Roots Ivy societies, NGOs collaboration, science fairs, Olympiads, social & community work options, foreign language learning resources, internship programs, sports, arts, international platforms and were encouraged to apply for their higher studies program.

Students and parents visited different stalls throughout the event where academic coordinators guided students and gave brochures and informative materials at the admissions registration desk for on-spot admissions. Roots Ivy ambassadors and alumni were available throughout the day for liaison and meeting with the prospective students. Roots Ivy virtual tour was displayed to give a glimpse into the dynamic life at Roots Ivy. Individual parental queries were answered and prizes and goody bags were given to the students. Many alumni students were present especially to be a part of this mega event from all around the world and shared their journey of triumph.

Roots Ivy is recognized for offering students with quality education and is a pioneer for amiable, well learned, intelligent and hardworking individuals that show commitment towards the social, economic and financial growth of the nation. The consistent efforts and support to students have made it possible for hundreds of students after graduating from Roots Ivy to study in 150 top universities across the world including Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Brown, Princeton, MIT, LSE, and UCL with 100% scholarships.

Khadija Mushtaq concluded the first day of the open house by saying words of inspiration to all the students. She thanked the parents and expressed her utmost gratitude towards all the students that came to Roots Ivy open house. Students can register for Roots Ivy Open House online for free.