ISLAMABAD: Differences between the PTI and the JI have exacerbated and the latter may part ways with the former in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) government.

 A political source said that the JI may join the PML-N in Islamabad and the PML-N leadership has reprtedly been in  close contact with JI chief Siraj ul Haq and other key leaders of the party. According to the source, the recent local bodies (LB) polls in K-P have further widened the chasm between the two coalitions in the province and the JI is most likely to quit the K-P government to enter into new a coalition with the PML-N in the centre.

 Political circles in Islamabad are of the opinion that the new development may put PTI chief Imran Khan and Pervez Khattak in an awkward situation. The source said that a power sharing formula between the PML-N and the JI will be worked out later once the budget sails through the parliament.