ISLAMABAD - The National Assembly on Thursday unanimously passed a resolution condemning irresponsible and hostile statements from Indian ruling leadership, calling into question India's desire to establish good neighbourly relations with Pakistan.

The resolution, moved by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, reaffirmed the resolve that Pakistan will never allow any country to violate its territory under any pretext. "The people of Pakistan and armed forces are fully capable of protecting sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Pakistan would give a befitting response to any threat from India," says the resolution.

It urged the international community especially the United Nations (UN) to take notice of such provocative statements by Indian leadership which not only negatively impact but are a direct threat for prospects of regional peace and stability.

The House took serious exception to the statement of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Bangladesh in which he had acknowledged Indian Government's conspiracy and involvement in the events of 1971 in the then eastern province of Pakistan. The resolution said such statements confirm Pakistan's belief about past and present Indian involvement in destabilizing Pakistan.

The resolution said it was an irony that PM Modi was making a case for India's permanent membership of UN Security Council since India has been in violation of UN Security Council longstanding resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir as well as interfering in the internal affairs of other states in violation of UN charter.

It regretted that the Indian Prime Minister made such a statement in Bangladesh, aimed at stoking hatred against Pakistan. Indian attempts to sow seeds of discord between people of Pakistan and Bangladesh will not succeed.

Ishaq Dar said that Indian Prime Minister had confessed that he was involved in conspiracy of the event of 1971 against Pakistan. "On a number of times, we have been briefed about the involvement of foreign hands in different activities," he said adding that this confessional statement is evident of the fact.

Earlier, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif giving response to the tirade against the budget informed the house that Motorways are being constructed across the country including Balcohistan to facilitate the masses.

In response to the criticism of PPP's lawmaker Nawab Ali Wasan, he said that the work on Hyderabad-Karachi section of Lahore-Karachi Motorways has started.

He said the PML-N government is working on communication projects and these development projects will be completed during the next three years.

The PM informed the house that government wants to make Gwadar a best port city. "We need to sit together and frame new laws to give a special status of free port to Gwadar including a new administrative system there," he added.

About load-shedding issue, Nawaz Sharif said that power outages will be controlled in next three years, as work on different energy projects is underway.

About 18-hour load-shedding in different rural areas of the country, he said 18-hour load-shedding was not being carried out in any part of the country. "If it is being carried out then the people of that area must not be paying bills," said the Prime Minister.

He also mentioned projects including two of 330 MW each in Thar based on coal. He said two projects of 1320 MW will be completed at Port Qasim and Hub.

He further said that Rs 30 billion have been allocated from Chine Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). He further said that work on Khunjrab-Abbotabad-Hawailian project would be completed soon.

On it, opposition leader Syed Khursheed Shah said although people are not paying bills in some of the areas. "It is also a fact that 18 hours load-shedding is being carried out in the country, as we were thinking that PML-N after taking the reins will control the load-shedding," he added.

Taking part in the debate, Nawab Ali Wasan in the presence of Prime Minister strongly criticized the government's projects. He said that Motorways should also be constructed in other parts of the country.

Earlier, government and opposition lawmakers continued appreciating and criticizing the federal budget 2015-16. "Incumbent government has provided a cushion to the mismanagement of previous government, as improvement will be witnessed with its strategy in budget," said PML-N lawmaker Omar Ayub. Defending the criticism on 7.5 per cent increase in salaries of civil servants, he said that increase medical allowance and merging tow adhoc allowance in basic salaries will provide cushion.

PTI lawmakers Shireen Mizari said that the government has violated the law as debt to GDP has gone beyond 60 percent.

About Modi's statement, he said that there should be befitting response as only Chief of Army Staff (COAS) has given response.

PML-N lawmaker Perviaz Malik, on his turn, said that the projects of power sector will improve the situation. He said there should not be tax on poultry industry.