LAHORE - The abnormal increase in greenhouse gas emissions has created an alarming position in the world and the largest pollutants are China (22.7%) America (15.6%), India (5.7%) and Russia (5.40%). Due to this, the temperature has increased significantly, creating havoc due to sharp melting of glaciers, untimely causing rains, floods, flash floods and droughts. Pakistan is under huge stress in this respect although its greenhouse gas emission is only 0.7%.

These views were expressed by Engr. Iftikhar Ahmad, President, Pakistan Engineering Congress, at a seminar organized by PEC in connection with World Environment Day. Engr. Syed Abdul Qadir Shah, Chairman, Pakistan Engineering Council also spoke on the occasion.

Iftikhar Ahmad said that the most valuable and highly prized asset of a nation is its human resource, i.e. its people, their skills, education etc. Pakistan is lucky that out of a population of around 196 million, the number of male young people, falling in 0-14 years is 34 million and of 15-24 years is 22 million, i.e. a total of 56 million. In addition about 20 million are of 25-40 year bracket, same is the position of females. We are highly neglecting this valuable younger generation, by not providing proper education, food, clothing, shelter and above all technical expertise.

“We ought to divert our resources to groom this young generation otherwise we will end up with a mass of illiterate, un-skilled people mired in poverty with no chances of social uplift.”