S: Our country has become an institution, one that is blatantly influencing the youth through an Islamized curriculum in schools. Removing ‘good morning’ from textbooks, and making sure that there is no trace of ever studying any other ruler, except for a glorious Muslim one. We will turn them into mindless bodies that will only speak about what the state wants them to.

A: It’s true, that what the recent KPK government has eliminated from the primary level curriculum was unnecessary, however, there is nothing wrong in having religion a part of our textbooks. If Pakistan was made on this particular ideology, why must we not teach it?

S: Do not get me started on what the actual ideology of why this country was actually made was. Let’s just say that it had less to do with a particular dogma, and more to do with accumulation of land by a particular class of people. The main problem with ‘Islamizing’ not even Social Studies, but Urdu as well, is that students will no longer have any other way of thinking. What about other religions in Pakistan? Why must they also have to open their textbooks and recite the kalma before anything else?

A: Why do you always have such a deleterious image of what religion is doing to the youth of this nation? It is not like teachers are forcing it down their throats. Let’s not be over dramatic about everything.

S: I’ll ask you when children will have to count how many ‘sawaabs’ they have, as a numerical exercise in their math classes.