MUZAFFARGARH-On the direction of DC Dr Ehtisham Anwar, the authorities concerned retrieved the land of District Council after 22 years here the other day.

The authorities also demolished illegal constructions on the land. The occupants resisted the action, telling the authorities that the land was sold to them by Haji Sarfraz Rs100,000 per marla. Police arrested Rashid Rauf, Arshad Rauf and Abid Hussain on resistance. The occupants demanded that the authorities recover their money from Haji Sarfraz.

The DC told the media that the grabbers of state land deserved no leniency, and they would be dealt with sternly as per law. “The allotment of state land is followed under certain laws,” he stated.

On the other hand, state land spread over 857 kanals has been occupied allegedly with the help of revenue officials in Kot Addu tehsil. Suspects namely Abdur Razzaq and Qasim fraudulently got the land transferred in their names.

The transfer deed No 5274 was rejected on February 4, 2014 by Provincial Board of Revenue No II - 272/2014/424. But Abdur Razzaq and Qasim did not care about the dismissal of the transfer deed and continued occupying the land for the last five years. Locals demanded that DC Dr Ehtisham Anwar recover the land.