LAHORE - Punjab Information Minister Sumsam Ali has said that all the cases against former president Asif Zardari were established in the PML-N rule.

“It was N-League government who sent former president to jail. Corrupt elements are trying to mislead public,” he told the media at his Alhamra Office Tuesday.

The Minister said that NAB was an independent institution whose chairman was elected by leader of the opposition and the leader of the house unanimously. He said that Hamza Shahbaz had been arrested on the order of court and government had nothing to do with this issue. He said that if these people believed in democratic norms they should surrender themselves for accountability.

Provincial Minister said that collaboration between PPP and N-League as an unholy alliance. This is not charter of democracy but it is charter of protection of corruption. He said that PTI government got the mandate of accountability and now we will not become hindrance in the way of justice nor we will allow anyone to create such hurdle. Now there is the same law for a Prime Minister or a vendor. The Minister said that it is the duty of sitting government to get the order of court implemented. Minister said that these people are not political prisoners but they are the elements involved in serious white collar crimes. He said that opposition parties may launch anti-government campaign but what the argument they have to tell the public? He said that only speaker of the house has the prerogative of issuing production orders for the arrested members of assembly. He said that it is the right of each and every political party to protest within the limits of democracy but, he warned, if any attempt is made to create the law and order situation, the police would play its role. Responding to a question, the provincial minister termed the arrest of Altaf Hussain a good gesture and made it clear that he is the citizen of the UK and not that of Pakistan. He further made it clear that Altaf Hussain has been arrested under charges of making hates speeches and money laundering which is something good. Responding to another question, he said that the leader of the opposition in the Punjab Assembly, Hamza Shahbaz Sharif was playing no worthwhile role earlier. That’s why, it would hardly make any difference if he is present or not present in the assembly.

The Provincial Minister alleged that the press conference held by Bilawal Bhutto smelled parochialism. He said that the Nawaz League should have distributed sweets over the arrest of Asif Ali Zardari. He predicted that the response which the PPP has been getting from Punjab would now shift to Sindh province. He said that whosoever commits corruption, must be ready for the accountability. He declared that the messes are paying price through their noses what the PPP and Nawaz League committed during their respective tenures.

He said that the narrative of Shahbaz and Nawaz has virtually become a headache for the leaguer workers. He predicted that not even the remaining workers of the PPP would take to streets. The Minister opined that Imran khan would not retreat from the struggle aimed at elimination of corruption.