LAHORE - JI leader Sirajul Haq has termed the budget an eyewash since it was not reflective of the requirements and aspirations of Pakistanis. He said it was a budget of IMF purely concentrating only on increasing taxes and prices of essential commodities, and was just read out by its slaves.  He said the budget did not care about reducing the problems of common man and price hike, adding that it was just a jugglery of figures and words which was incomprehensible even to the economic champions of the government. He said during the short period of ten months it was the third budget of the PTI government which carried a deficit of 2550 billion rupees, the price hike rose to 100 percent while only ten per cent increase was made in the salaries of workers. Sirajul Haq said though the previous governments took foreign loans which was a wrong move but the present government had obtained foreign loans double than the previous governments during a short span of time. He said the present budget had the biggest deficit in country’s history which was prepared by IMF and imposed taxes worth Rs 700 billion on the common man which would make their life more miserable and reduce the economic activities in the country.