No one is safe from Indian border violations of the trigger-fingered Indian border security, be it old women, children or even pigeon. Yes, India intercepted a pigeon for having links with Pakistan and recently shot an elderly women who mistakenly crossed the border. Now two students, aged 15 and 16 have been released by Indian, after months of interrogation, who crossed the border by mistake. Either Indian leaders are too obsessed with creating false situations where India can play victim or just doubt their capabilities in comparison to Pakistan by picking on minors and birds.

After six long months of interrogation, India has not been able to prove the involvement of Faisal Hussain Awan and Ahsan Khursheed in the Uri attack that took place last year. These boys can be categorised as the lucky ones because they returned home, but there are several others who lose their lives because India takes the security dilemma way too far and most of them are Kashmiri dissenters.

This is not the first time that innocents have been the victim of their violent actions. India violated the Line of Control (LOC) over 103 times last year and, these violations resulted several civilians being killed. Just last year a school bus was targeted by the Indian troops along the LOC.

School going children are losing their lives; children who have absolutely nothing to do with the conflict. After such ridiculous behavior, complemented by multiple border disputes with Nepal and China, how the international community still takes India seriously is beyond comprehension. Indian forces have recently killed a Nepalese man at the border. But India, as always, has blamed the Nepali civilians for provoking the forces.

Commander of the United States Central Command (Centcom) General Joseph Votel on Thursday has said India’s policy of ‘diplomatic isolation’ of Pakistan may be a hindrance to improved ties between the two countries. At least someone in the US is realising this, against the anti-Pakistan chorus in congress.

While Pakistan is repeatedly chastised for not handing India alleged terrorists residing here, the Indian judiciary has acquitted right-wing activist Swami Aseemanand - an accused in the Samjhauta train blasts case - in a case of terrorism. While the acquittal has caused alarm in Pakistan, the western community is sleeping, only to momentarily wake up and point an admonishing finger at Pakistan, and the go back to its dreams of Bollywood music and Modi’s pinstriped self initialed suit.