Almost 102 Pakistani prisoners who are languishing in Thailand's jails have threatened to commit suicide if transfer of treaty pact was not implemented till next month (June) and they also asked the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take notice of this situation. Ulfat Kazmi, Executive Director Global Foundation, a non-government organization working on human rights Wednesday said that both the governments Pakistan and Thailand had signed agreement to change prisoners. He added after signing of the agreement Pakistani prisoners are still waiting for implementation on this accord. He said five Pakistani prisoners lost their lives due to non-completion of file work by the government. He further said that Pakistani community has assured to bear all expenses for return of prisoners to their homeland. According to Exective Director Global foundation Basharat Ali of Lahore, Muhammad Irshad of Gujranwala, Raja Imtiaz, Lahore, Mansoor Ahmed, Karachi, M. Rafiq Bhola of Gujrat, Haider Hussain Shah, Karachi, Rashid, Rawalpindi, Syed Sahms-ul-Hadi of Nowshehra, Nasir Imtiaz, Karachi, Liaquat Ali Karachi, Zulfiqar Ahmed Minhas, Lahore, Muhammad Afzaal, Attock, Navid Butt, Lahore and Sajjad Hussain of Lahore have been awarded death punishment while Muhammad Ali, Ghulam Rasool, Pervez Ali, Habibullah of Larkana, Wazir Ali, Rahmdad, Ijaz Ahmed, Nawaz Khan of Peshawar, Saleem Mohi-ud-Din, Imran Nasim, Afzal Hanif Toor, Haroon Rashid Khan, Ghulam Mustafa of Lahore, Muhammad Mushtaq Javed Muhammad, Javed Akhtar, Asif Iqbal of Karachi, Muhammad Saleem of Mianwali, Ghulam Farid, Aabi Butt, Khaliq-uz-Zaman of Gujranwala, Muhammad Arshad of Toba Tek Singh and Risalat Khan of Nowshehra had been awarded fifty year imprisonment. He said that Thai government had made offer in 2001 to all countries under transfer of treaty and 710 prisoners from eighteen countries were sent to their respective countries but Pakistani prisoners could not be released due to non-completion of home work. He informed that during this span, Hanif Toor, Attaullah, Lajward Khan, Muddassar Iqbal committed suicide while Saeed Ahmed died after becoming victim of Aids, Mobin, Rehman Gull also died due to cardiac arrest while Rafique Bhola lost his memory. He said that Global Foundation informed Charge-D-Affairs of Pakistan Embassy, King of Thailand, President of Pakistan, Prime Minister, Interior Minister and Foreign Minister. After this, he said a delegation of Pakistan Embassy visited jails and compiled a report. He said on April 28, 2004 at the then Prime Minister, Mir Zafarullah Jamali visited Thailand but his talks could not yield fruits. Later, former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz also visited Thailand in May 2005 but the pact could not be signed. Ulfat Kazmi told that the pact was signed in November 2007 and on December 20, 2007 Thai Interior Minister, Pibble songram and Pakistani Ambassador, Lt. Gen (R), Khateer Hussain Khan signed the accord and all the matters were finalized in November 2009 regarding the prisoners' return but these prisoners could not be taken back to their homeland. He said that some prisoners have been overstayed. He asked the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take immediate notice and help implement transfer of treaty.