The Pakistanis have failed to progress as a nation. For comparison look at India, their politics and economy. And look no further, if you need an example in sports, than their latest revolution in cricket, the IPL. If I remember correctly, it was Imran Khan who gave the idea of inter-city tournaments and it was the Pakistani Cricket Board which initiated the T-20 format of the game. But look how well India has executed it. Its a shame for Pakistan cricket which has lost even the right to co-host the World Cup. Imagine the amount of money Indians would make from these matches which were actually supposed to be held on Pakistani soil. Think of the boost it would give to the Indian economy. All we care about is ourselves. No one cares about the interests of common man. Do we really think, a Punjabi or a Sindhi cares about what is happening in Swat? What they care about is will they be able to feed themselves in the afternoon since they are all working on an empty stomach since the morning. All they think about is how they can go home at night with something in hand, not having to tell their children that they would again have to sleep hungry that night. - AFFAN BIN SAQIB, Lahore, May 11.