The news of Faisal Shehzads involvement in New York City Times Square bombing plot has played havoc around the world. There is no shortage of Pakistanis both within Pakistan and US who are abusing Mr Shehzad for having done what he is suspected of having done. Everywhere, the suspects have some rights and so should Mr Shehzad. First of all, it is not clear whether or not he was involved in that horrific act, at least not for people outside the US. For Pakistanis who are constantly listening to conspiracy theories about CIAs evil role, it seems he has been trapped into some kind of a conspiracy hatched by (who else but) CIA. Some people are convinced that this would be another pretext to facilitate more American involvement in the Pakistani tribal regions. We cant exactly make out why Faisal Shehzad did that (if what the Americans say is true) but in case it is true, one can think of one strong reason to attack America that might motivate one to sacrifice everything including his own wife, children, family and lavish lifestyle. And that is to stop the illegal drone strikes within Pakistani territories against our innocent tribal people. I am not sure about his circumstances but if the whole story about him is true, he probably made a failed attempt at murder to stop murder at a mass scale. But the most important point is that the whole story has to be counter checked for being true or false. -AHMAD KAMAL KHATTAK, Peshawar, May 9.