LONDON - In a dramatic move on Tuesday, Gordon Brown resigned as British Prime Minister, clearing the way for David Cameron to head the new government. In a statement on the steps of Downing Street, flanked by his wife Sarah, the Labour leader announced he was ready to go and see the Queen to tender his resignation. His voice cracking with emotion and close to tears, Brown told the nation that it had been a 'privilege to serve and do a job he loved. In a dignified brief address to Downing Street staff and ranks of media, Brown acknowledged his own 'frailty and paid tribute to his successor. For the first time ever, his children John and Fraser stood alongside him as he posed for photographs before they headed to his car as a family to make the short journey to Buckingham Palace. Brown said: My constitutional duty is to ensure that a government can be formed after last weeks general election. I have informed the Queens private secretary that it is my intention to tender my resignation to the Queen. If the Queen accepts, I shall advise her to invite the Leader of the Opposition to seek to form a government. I wish the next prime minister well as he makes the important choices for the future. Only those who have held the office of prime minister can understand the full weight of its responsibilities and its great capacity for good. I have been privileged to learn much about the very best in human nature and a fair amount too about its frailties - including my own. Brown said he had 'loved the job, not for its prestige, its titles and its ceremony, which I do not love at all. No, I loved the job for its potential to make this country I love fairer, more tolerant, more green, more democratic, more prosperous, more just - truly a greater Britain. He paid tribute to his colleagues and staff who he said had been 'friends as well as brilliant servants of the country and then hailed the work of the armed forces. Now that the political season is over, let me stress that having shaken their hands and looked into their eyes, our troops represent all that is best in our country and I will never forget all those who have died in honour and whose families today live in grief, he stated. After five days of high drama following the election ending in a hung parliament, the deadlock is now over with the Tories finally set to take power. Brown had been holed up with his closest aides, friends and wife Sarah for a farewell party. Luggage was also spotted being loaded into a Land Rover at the back of Downing Street. He spoke to his predecessor Tony Blair on the phone as the party faces up to the end of a tumultuous 13-year reign which began when Blair stormed into Downing Street on the back of a landslide in 1997. AFP adds: Britains Queen Elizabeth II appointed Conservative leader David Cameron as Prime Minister immediately after the resignation of Gordon Brown five days after cliffhanger elections. A statement from Buckingham Palace said the Queen had requested Cameron form a new government. The Right Honourable David Cameron accepted Her Majestys offer and kissed hands upon his appointment as prime minister, it said. Shortly after being appointed Premier by the Queen, Cameron announced he planned to form a strong and stable coalition government of his Conservative party and the Liberal Democrats. I aim to form a proper and full coalition between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, he said in a speech at Downing Street, shortly after being appointed premier by Queen Elizabeth II. I believe that is the right way to provide this country with the strong, the stable, the good and decent government that I think we need so badly, he added.