If another incident like the Times Square bombing botch-up happens, the consequences would be dire for Pakistan says Hillary Clinton. The American arrogance is mainly due to weakness of our own political establishment which has no public support. If people had confidence in their government, none including the US could have threatened us in such a way. The Times Square episode is similar to the WMDs in Iraq and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. Keep looking for them for a decade but nothing gets accomplished except the American agenda. The short term American goal is to leave Afghanistan by 2011 and prior to their departure, they want to ensure Afghanistan is rendered so ungovernable that it remains in the American orbit and they keep whirling it the way they want, even from afar. For that reason, they need Pakistans cooperation regardless of our own national priorities. Americans want Pakistan to attack its own people once again and kill them in further carnages between the people and their Army. That is why US has now openly demanded that Pakistan should launch another operation in North Waziristan territory to ensure that the logistics pipeline of Afghan Taliban is disrupted prior to the planned American military offensive in Southern Afghanistan around Kandhar area. The Americans, ostensibly, want Pakistan to do their dirty work for them so that when the so-called 'Surge of the US forces is launched later in the summer, they have an easy run over the whole area, conquering all without resistance, and preferably with out any casualties. America wants Pakistan to attack North Waziristan now. But the Pakistani Army has been dragging the feet. Thus comes the Times Square bombing attempt, an open ruse to build pressure on Pakistan, blackmailing Islamabad into attacking its own territory of North Waziristan. The old script is being played out all over again with claims of having evidence on Times Square episode with threats, intimidations and warnings of dire consequences. Washington seems secure in this strategy by knowledge of the fact that it has already turned the 550,000 strong Pakistani Army into an army of mercenaries that have been fighting for American interests by taking money for the services rendered. Nothing can be hoped for in this regard from the political leadership of Pakistan either, be it in government or opposition. They have all failed alike on the score of delivering something to the people and nothing good can be expected of them on this score. They are so subservient to the 'outside forces that they often voluntarily accept blame, responsibility, rap, whatever be needed, for every such act anywhere in the world without a proof provided or even a question asked. Remember, all it took was one phone call from Washington-you are either with us or against usand they were with the Americans, against their own people. The so-called Mujahideen of yesterday, 'friends of Pakistan, became 'Taliban militants, our sworn enemies, the next morning. London train bombings, Pakistani students episode in England, Mumbai attacks; Stephen Hedley, shoe-bomber episode and now the Times Square episode, Pakistani leadership has declared all the named suspects guilty without evidence, without proof, without official indictment or trial and hauled up their kin, relatives, friends neighbors and acquaintances every time. -TANWEER AMEEN, Dubai, May 11.